Historic Union Station in downtown Saint Louis has been beautifully restored and is now home to specialty retail shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

The Saint Louis Art Museum in beautiful Forest Park includes works of art from virtually every culture and time period.  Areas of depth include Oceanic art, pre-Columbian art and ancient Chinese bronzes. 


Downtown isn't just the business center for the bi-state region--you'll also find cultural attractions, stylish bars and restaurants, shopping, and recreational activities.  Downtown is also where St. Louisians go to cheer on their favorite professional sports teams!

The Saint Louis region represents the finest qualities that America has to offer: a broadly talented, well-educated and productive workforce; impressive growth opportunities for businesses small and large; and an easily accessible central location that is a hub for business, science, entertainment and the arts.


Saint Louis is home to many innovative and exciting industries, including education, finance, and defense, and is forging new and exciting frontiers in plant and medical sciences, advanced manufacturing, transportation and distribution, information technology and financial services. Home to 19 companies in the Fortune 1000, ten of which are in the Fortune 500, Saint Louis ranks seventh among metropolitan areas having five or more Fortune 500 headquarters.  Some of the country's largest privately held companies are also based in the Saint Louis metropolitan area.   

The cost of doing business in Saint Louis is especially attractive, as the region is considered to be one of the most cost-competitive places in the country.  Among the country's 22 largest metropolitan areas, Saint Louis ranked sixth in cost-competitiveness in a recent KMPG study that measured key cost of business components, including labor, taxes, real estate and utilities.



But it’s not all business—Saint Louis knows how to have fun, too! The city boasts professional baseballfootball and hockey teams, in addition to a number of other professional and collegiate sports teams. Beautiful Forest Park, one of the largest urban parks in the U.S., is home to the Saint Louis Zoo, the Saint Louis Science Center and the Muny outdoor theatre. The Missouri Botanical Garden, which ranks among the top three botanical gardens in the world, can be found in the historic Shaw neighborhood of South Saint Louis.

Saint Louisians are also proud of their many renowned cultural attractions.  The Saint Louis Art Museum showcases one of the country’s leading comprehensive art collections, while the Contemporary Art Museum Saint Louis is considered one of the leading voices in the world of modern art. Music and theatre lovers will find a wealth of entertainment options in the city’s other celebrated cultural attractions, including the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra and the Fabulous Fox Theatre.

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