Message From the Director


Thank you for visiting, the B2B home of Saint Louis International Airport. We appreciate that you've taken the time to learn about the many benefits that STL and the Saint Louis region have to offer.

Saint Louis, Missouri is known as the “Gateway to the West,” for the important role it played in the westward expansion of the United States. Saint Louis’ iconic monument to westward expansion, the Gateway Arch, has become synonymous with the city’s pioneering spirit and represents the significance of exploration and new frontiers in our nation’s history. Saint Louis International Airport (STL) is also a gateway – a gateway to exciting destinations for leisure travelers, a gateway to industry and commerce for business travelers, and a gateway to new business opportunities for airlines and other aviation-related businesses.

STL is an important economic engine for Saint Louis, as well as for the state of Missouri. The Saint Louis region spreads across multiple states, giving the airport a catchment area of close to four million people. Some of STL’s strengths include favorable weather conditions, four runways and the latest airfield systems. Together, these attributes have led to more on-time arrivals and departures at STL than at many of the busiest airports in the country. STL’s on-time performance is particularly important to cargo operators, who depend on the airport to process their time-sensitive shipments of cargo as quickly and efficiently as possible. Additionally, the potential for airline growth at STL is tremendous, as seen by the number of recently added destinations and schedule additions by both new and incumbent airlines.

STL is focused on developing multiple tracts of airport-owned land, including 1,800 square acres of prime development sites in the immediate vicinity of the airfield. These sites are perfectly situated to accommodate aviation-related businesses or manufacturing and service companies that would benefit from close proximity to the airfield. It is our hope that the development of these sites will sow seeds of economic growth in the communities surrounding the airport, in addition to strengthening the airport’s own financial sustainability.

STL is proud of the important roles it plays in the Saint Louis region, as a portal to new and exciting destinations, a valued transportation resource and a leading driver of the local economy. We’re committed to growing both passenger and cargo aviation, providing development opportunities and enabling economic success in local communities. We’re proud of our history and look forward to what the future holds.





Rhonda Hamm-Neibruegge
Director of Airports